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We specialise in the recycling of Li-ion batteries. We offer comprehensive solutions for Electromobility and Automotive backed by a team of specialists with many years of experience.

We offer a one-stop solution for introducers of batteries and accumulators, packaging and products as well as tyres, oils and lubricant preparations.

We specialise in the recovery and recycling of key raw materials, including the production of high-quality pellets and the recovery of black mass from battery components.

POLECO 2023 trade fair in Poznań. The industry's response to the upcoming waste management revolution

More than 150 exhibitors from 8 countries in Poznań presented the latest technologies for climate protection. The exhibition of industry leaders and a broad programme of accompanying events, including conferences and thematic discussions, summarised the most topical issues.

Industry response to changes in waste management

Among the exhibitors, companies whose products are a response to the deposit system starting in Poland on 1 January 2025 attracted great interest. The deposit will cover single-use plastic bottles up to 3 litres. These include, for example, bottles for water, juice, nectar or milk. The deposit system will also cover reusable glass beverage containers of up to 1.5 litres and metal cans of up to 1 litre.

- The ZielonaGospodarka.pl portal is once again a media patron of the POLECO trade fair in Poznań. This year, for the first time, we were among more than 150 exhibitors. This year's event is the industry's response to the growing demands regarding economy, waste and environmental protection. A lot of interesting exhibitors, a lot of interesting products and innovative technologies. The industry's response to, among other things, the deposit system coming into force from 2025," reports Mateusz Kowalewski, publisher of the ZielonaGospodarka.pl portal.

POLECO exhibitors presented interesting and innovative solutions including bail vending machines, also known as recyclomats or buyback machines. In addition to equipment, innovative software and application solutions were presented.

Vending machines Made in Poland

- We came here with a bottle machine. The bottle machine, as the name suggests, takes bottles and issues a bottle deposit. From January 2025 we have a revolution. A revolution when it comes to waste and waste management in Poland. That is, every bottle sold will have to be equipped with a deposit fee, if you like. And we, by returning such a bottle to a selective collection point, and this point is right behind us, will receive either a voucher or a refund. So that is the solution we are proposing. We also have a patented solution when it comes to the baler. And this is our product, which is definitely the standout here. What is important is that we are a manufacturer from Poland and we produce our bottling machines here," informs Paweł Kobyliński, representative of RVM Systems.

- We are a Polish company. We develop both the hardware and the software for the vending machines ourselves. What sets us apart are custom solutions, often in line with our customers' ideas, for example we integrate with employee cards or city bikes. Our machine can stand outside. It is resistant to atmospheric conditions in Poland, to frost, rain, but also strong sunlight. We can set the device up outside the shop, without giving up a sales shelf, in a way separating waste from the products we want to promote and sell. This is a very big advantage," argues Małgorzata Masłowska of R3 Polska in Szczecin.

Integration of German recyclers into Polish software

- At Poleco, we are promoting recyclers for the collection of PET bottles, aluminium cans and glass bottles. Together with Sortbox, we are promoting this type of waste collection. For our part, we provide an application for the use of the machines, which is ready for integration with the deposit system," argues Jarosław Kuroś, business development manager at Emka SA.

The POL-ECO trade fair was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, as well as under the trade patronage of chambers and associations. Media patronage was provided by 20 portals and industry magazines, including ZielonaGospodarka.pl

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