The company exists since 1993. Over the years, we have been constantly developing, expanding our waste processing installations, and have gained vast experience in the electrical wastes and electronic equipment industry (WEEE) as well, as waste management. We have changed technologically, without forgetting to build a team consisting of qualified specialists, who is currently one of our company’s greatest values. All this things, is today into the opportunity to offer our clients highest level of services. Because, we cooperate with many enterprises, local government institutions, city cleaning plants and other entities, we try to adapt our services to the individual needs of clients, constantly expanding the range of services offered. The main goal of our activity is the management of waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the acquisition of waste, plastics, metal alloys, including components containing cobalt, nickel, molybdenum and rare earth metals for recycling processes.

We are reponsible for:
– transportation
– collection
– recovery
– recycling
– we provide services for disassembly of technical installations, equipment and liquidation of supermarkets.

As a dynamically developing company, we use more and more technologically advanced waste processing lines, thanks to which we recover individual fractions of metal alloys, plastics and other elements of used electrical and electronic equipment reused in many new applications.
We always adapt the cooperation offer to the needs of our clients, advising them on how to rationally reuse or process unnecessary materials in order to reduce the costs of their disposal or development.


Current technologies allow the use of more and more effective processes of recovery and recycling of individual metal fractions and plastics. Due to the nature of the waste, these technologies are subject to constant modification in order to obtain greater efficiency of raw materials, taking into account safety and environmental protection.
The processing process in our plant begins with removing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) hazardous parts and components, e.g. batteries, from the waste mass. In the next stage, the parts and sub-assemblies for reuse are sorted out. The components for the production of lithium batteries, for electric cars and the elemental cells of these batteries, not filled with electrolyte, are recycled in order to recover individual components. Devices and elements of electrical and electronic equipment, that do not meet the manufacturer’s quality requirements or come from repairs service are also processed. Removed subassemblies, materials and components are transferred for further processing at the our – WSG plant or entities possessing appropriate technologies, appropriate permits for their further processing.


Along with the development of electromobility,start the production of lithium batteries containing nickel, cobalt and manganese began. During their production, waste is generated which is not useful in further processes, except for qualitative batch ends and waste containing valuable metals and their compounds. As, a recycling company, we specialize in the recovery chain of this waste. We guarantee reliable cooperation and secure financial conditions, corresponding to the real content of the materials provided.

We are interested in purchasing materials:
– cathod components – containing cobalt, nickel and manganese
– anode components – containing copper and graphite
– Components from the production of lithium battery assemblies for electric and hybrid cars
different fractions from lithium battery treatment
– elemental lithium battery cells – not filled with electrolyte

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