Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Facility. We specialise in the collection and recycling of electro-waste. We provide nationwide waste collection

We specialise in the recycling of Li-ion batteries. We offer comprehensive solutions for Electromobility and Automotive backed by a team of specialists with many years of experience.

We offer a one-stop solution for introducers of batteries and accumulators, packaging and products as well as tyres, oils and lubricant preparations.

We specialise in the recovery and recycling of key raw materials, including the production of high-quality pellets and the recovery of black mass from battery components.

WSG Recycling

The main objective of the company is the recovery of metals and raw materials resulting from the processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), in order to reuse them, in line with the principles of the closed loop economy (GOZ) being implemented in the EU. We provide comprehensive collection and waste management solutions and a fair, transparent and long-term cooperation. Transparency throughout the entire process from waste collection to processing. We buy electronic scrap and, components for battery production, parts from EV automotiv and more.


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